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Revision to Power Mac G4 MDD

Miroslav Djuric

The Power Mac G4 series of computers utilized a PowerPC G4 processor and was manufactured by Apple from 1999 to 2004.
The Power Mac G4 MDD (Mirrored Drive Doors) was the 3rd Major Revision of the Power Mac G4. It Included an 867Mhz, 1Ghz, or 1.25Ghz PowerPC G4 CPU in single or dual configurations, and a Dual 1.42Ghz PowerPC G4 CPU, This computer was the fastest, most powerful G4-Based Macintosh, before Mid-2004 when apple introduced the Power Mac G5. It Used an Xserve-Derived motherboard, supported 2GB PC2700 333Mhz DDR Ram, and a 167Mhz system bus. It supported Airport Wireless networking, and 4 Hard Drives, as well as 2 Optical Drives, the only Macintosh to do this except the Mac Pro.
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