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Revision to Power Mac G4 M5183

Matthew Newsom

[title|Power Mac G4 M5183]
[summary]The PowerMac G4 is series of personal desktop computers released by apple in 1994 and sold through 2004. This page is for the M5183 designation.[/summary]
[info | mac
| introduced_date = 08/31/99
== Troubleshooting ==
You can track down a number of hardware problems using the [[PowerMac G4 M5183 Troubleshooting|PowerMac G4 M5183 Troubleshooting Guide]].
== Identifying Your PowerMac G4 ==
The following links to Apple's official website are very helpful when trying to identify which PowerMac you have.
[|Apple: Part 1]
[|Apple: Part 2]
== Background Information ==
The PowerMac G4 was introduced in 1994 as Apple's cutting edge of personal computers. They released several models up until 2004 with varying processor speeds and RAM modules. This computer was also one of the few at the time to ship with a DVD-ROM drive standard which helped boost sales.
== Additional Links ==
[|Apple's Support Page for the PowerMac G4]
[|User Created Mac Forums]
[| - How to troubleshoot a PowerMac G4]
[| - PowerMac G4 Information]