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Revision to PowerBook G3 Wallstreet

Matthew Newsom

[title|PowerBook G3 Wallstreet]
[summary]Model M4753 / 233, 250, 266, 292, or 300 MHz G3 processor[/summary]
* '''Hard Drive:''' With our tools and instructions, you can [guide|4|install] your new hard drive yourself!
* '''Optical Drive:''' Wallstreets are not inherently able to play DVDs. They require a special DVD decoder that fits into the PC card slot. Even if you have the decoder, you can only watch DVDs in OS 9. It will not work in OS X or classic because Apple never developed the hardware for it.
== Identification and Background ==
[image|10301|caption=PowerBook G3 Wallstreet]
The new PowerBooks came in three screen sizes; a 12", 13.3", and 14.1". It also came at three CPU speeds; 233MHz, 250MHz, and 292MHz.
== Additional Information ==
* [[Troubleshoot|iFixit: List of Troubleshooting Guides]]
* [link|/Guide/Wiki/DIY_Laptop_Upgrades|iFixit: DIY Laptop Upgrades]

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