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Revision to PowerBook G3 Wallstreet

Miroslav Djuric

* '''Memory:''' The Wallstreet has two RAM slots. You can place a 256 MB chip in each one for half gigabyte of memory. Browse our Wallstreet [link|/Products/G3-Wallstreet/RAM/11/3|RAM] selection for a chip that suits your need for speed. You must use a low profile chip in the lower slot, but the upper slot can be whatever you choose. Don't forget to install it using our free iFixit [guide|6|Guide].
* '''Hard Drive:''' Browse our [link|/Products/G3-Wallstreet/Hard-Drives/7/3|hard drives] for one that fits your storage needs. Oh, and with our tools and instructions, you can even [guide|4|install it yourself]!
* '''Processor:''' If you are running a Wallstreet on a 233 Mhz Processor, try bumping it up to [link|/PowerBook-Parts/G3-WallStreet-300-MHz-Processor/IF103-035|300 MHz]. You can even [guide|5|install it yourself]!
* '''Optical Drive:''' Wallstreets are not inherently able to play DVDs. They require a special DVD decoder that fits into the PC card slot. Even if you have the decoder, you can only watch DVDs in OS 9. It will not work in OS X or classic because Apple never developed the hardware for it.

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