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Claire Franz

== Background and Identification ==
A wide range of accessories is available for phones. These accessories range from cases and screen protectors to wireless chargers. Cases are the most commonly thought of phone accessory and are used by the majority of phone owners. Charging cases provide an additional element of convenience. However, with this added convenience comes added complexity. The most common issue with charging cases is battery failure which, luckily, can usually be remedied by replacing the battery.
A notable phone accessory that is a relatively new member to the category is wireless chargers. Wireless chargers might seem like magic, but they can be easily explained by science. They have an inductive charging pad that the user sets their smartphone on when charging. The charging pad generates an electromagnetic field through a coil within it, causing a corresponding receiver coil in the cell phone to possess a current and, therefore, charge the phone’s battery. Wireless charging is actually slower than charging with a traditional cable, although this could change in the future with further improvements to this technology.
Phone accessories come in a range of forms depending on their intended purpose. Cases model the shape of the phone they are manufactured for and include cut-outs for the phone’s camera. They are manufactured in a variety of colors and materials. Wireless chargers have a charging platform connected to a power cord.
== Additional Information ==
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