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Revision to Patagonia Outerwear

Taylor Bratsch

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[title|Patagonia Outerwear Repair]
[summary]Patagonia outerwear that keeps you warm on brisk days and dry on wet days. Repair difficulty ranges from simple tear patching to more complicated baffle repair.[/summary]
== Background and Identification ==
Outerwear comes in all different styles. From thinner jackets to giant water-proof coats, outerwear keeps you warm and dry through Mother Nature's tempests. Due to the rough conditions often encountered, repair is often needed on these garments.
== Garment Care and Maintenance: ==
Has your garment endured an inadvertent food fight? Or maybe just snatched a bit of your morning coffee? Got a stain? Maybe your garment is just downright dirty from adventure. Whatever the issue, you’ll find answers on the [[Patagonia Product Care|Patagonia Product Care page]].
== Additional Links ==
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