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Revision to Nintendo DSi

Miroslav Djuric

[title|Nintendo DSi]
[summary]The Nintendo DSi is the third iteration in the Nintendo DS line, and has been in production since June 2009.[/summary]
== Troubleshooting ==
Take a look at the common problems for the DSi at our [|Nintendo DSi Troubleshooting Page].
== Background and Identification ==
The 7th generation Nintendo DS, codename Nintendo DSi, was released between 2008 and 2009 and has become the most popular handheld game console in the world. The console came with a few aesthetic changes, such as a new matte black finish to resist scratches and larger screens. The biggest change is its 2 interactive digital cameras, which allows the user to incorporate it into gameplay and as a stand alone camera.
== Additional Information ==
[link||Wikipedia: Nintendo DSi]