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Revision to Motorola Moto E

Alex Craig


== Troubleshooting =====

== Troubleshooting =====
See the troubleshooting page by clicking [[Motorola Moto E Troubleshooting|here]].
== Background and Information ==
The Motorola Moto E boasts its powerful 5MP camera as well as its large 256 ppi display. It is relatively light weight and was created for all carriers using all of the radio frequencies used by cellular carriers. It sports Gorilla Glass on its front panel. Although the Moto E is marketed as durable and resistant it can still be damaged. The Moto E has several well known issues such as; cracked screens, bad batteries, burnt logic boards, and broken volume controls.
== Additional information ==
=== Device page ===
Click [|here] for Motorola's device page.
=== Full product information ===
Click [|here] for full product information.
=== Repair parts ===
Repair parts can be found on Amazon by clicking [|here].

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