Revision to MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Models A1226 and A1260

Walter Galan

== Identification and Background ==
[image|9148image|9148|caption=MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Models A1226 and A1260]
[image|9148image|9148|caption=MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Models A1226 and A1260]
MacBook Pro 15" Models A1226 and A1260 shipped with a variety of processors, ranging from 2.2 GHz to 2.6 GHz. You can verify which model of MacBook Pro you have by checking the model number on the bottom of your laptop. You can also use the [link|/info/ID-your-Mac|laptop identification system] to help you identify your machine.
These laptops are an update of the [[Device:MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Model A1211|Core 2 Duo Model A1211 laptop]] of the same name that was introduced two years earlier. Models A1226 and A1260 improved on their predecessor by adding faster processors, bigger stock hard drives, and larger RAM maximum capacities.
== Additional Information ==
* [[Troubleshoot|iFixit: List of Troubleshooting Guides]]

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