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Revision to Logitech UE MegaBoom

Nicholas Steele

-== Troubleshooting ==
+== Trouble shooting ==
If you are having difficulties with the Logitech UE MegaBoom, try referring to the [[Logitech UE Megaboom Troubleshooting|troubleshooting page]].
== Background and Identification ==
+The UE MegaBoom is a cylindrical surround-sound speaker system designed by Ultimate Ears. The device has the dimensions 18 cm x 6.5 cm and weighs roughly 538 grams.
+The technical aspects of the UE MegaBoom include two 38 mm drivers with a resistance of 4 Ω and two 51 mm passive radiators. The device can handle a maximum of roughly 88 dBA between the frequencies of 90 Hz to 2000 Hz.
+A wired connection can be made with a 3.5 mm audio input, however, Bluetooth can be used as an additional option.
== Additional Information ==

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