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Revision to LG Escape 3


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[title|LG Escape 3 Repair]
[summary]IT'S LOOSING APPS.[/summary]
About 6 months ago (maybe longer) I got a chip so I can get more use w/apps. & everything was ok, but I didn't know that I was keeping WAY too many pictures, more than 6,000!!!! Worrying about all of it, I downloaded an app. just for that : KeepSafe, That's helping, but I still don't know how to delete the un-needed pictures. Everybody knows that deleting isn't a difficult thing, but it's either my vision (right eye only shows 40%) or maybe it's the termonology I don't understand; maybe both.
How can I delete the un-needed pictures?
What about this: I could put all of the important stuff on KeepSafe & just delete everything else?
Also, a few years ago, I was having problems so I called Motorola Customer Service & the guy told me to download an app. so he could see everything I was seeing & it worked great.
Do you think this might be something similar?
I'm freaking out.
Please help!!!!!