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Revision to Honeywell HY-204

Jenna Johnson

== Background and Identification ==
The HY-204 is a powerful mini tower fan that includes 1 Febreze scent cartridge with purchase, but more can be purchased and easily replaced. All Febreze Set & Refresh cartridges will fit into this device. The device has a Febreze Freshness scent control dial, two speeds of airflow, and an oscillation option. This model measures 14 inches tall. There are two models: Honeywell Model HY-204 in White, and Honeywell Model HY-201 comes in Charcoal and Black.
== Troubleshooting ==
[[Honeywell HY-204 Troubleshooting|Honeywell HY-204 Troubleshooting]]
== Additional Info ==
[|Official User Manual]
[|Video Description of Device]
[|Video Tutorial of Basic Functions]

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