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Revision to Holmes Blizzard Fan

Mike Bolton

[title|Holmes Blizzard Fan Repair]
-[summary]Personal 8 inch tall desk fan by Holmes. Model number: HAOF87BLZ-UC[/summary]
+[summary]Personal 8 inch tall desk fan by Holmes. Model number: HAOF87[/summary]
+== Background and Identification ==
+The Holmes Blizzard Fan is one of several fans made by Holmes. It is made for medium sized rooms such as bedrooms, home offices, or kitchens and provides what Holmes considers to be "medium" airflow. The Blizzard fan features a tilt-adjustable neck, 2 fan speed settings, and oscillation.
+To identify your Holmes Blizzard Fan, the model number: HAOF87 can be found on the bottom of the stand along with voltage, current, and frequency information.

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