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Revision to Dell Latitude E5500

Matthew Nulman

-[title|Dell Latitude E5500 Repair]
+[title|Dell Latitude E5500]
[summary]Business-grade laptop released in 2009. Model Number: Latitude E5500.[/summary]
+== Troubleshooting ==
For specific information involving common troubleshooting, errors visit the page
[[Dell Latitude E5500 Troubleshooting]]
-==Background and Identification==
+== Background and Identification ==
The Dell Latitude E5500 is a 15.4" laptop in the Latitude Series, released in 2009 to replace laptops in Dell's D Series. This device is identified by the small reflective Dell logos on the top cover, and below the screen, and Latitude designation and model number stenciled on above the keyboard (left side).
-===Distinguishing Features===
+=== Distinguishing Features ===
The following are some of the specs and features for this device.
OS: Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Business or Windows Vista Business with Downgrade Rights Service to Windows XP Professional
-===Major Facts===
+=== Major Facts ===
This Model has a plastic but robust case. This was made to be flexible but compact for travel. The price for this device was listed at $549.
* [|Dell Latitude Specs]
-===Manufacturing Website===
+=== Manufacturing Website ===
The manufacturing website for this product can be found here:
-===Device Wikipedia Page===
+=== Device Wikipedia Page ===
For more info, the device's Wikipedia can be accessed here :

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