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Revision to Dell Inspiron 1750

Jacob Murphy

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[title|Dell Inspiron 1750 Repair]
[summary]The Dell Inspiron 1750 is a laptop computer, complete with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, released in 2009 by Dell Inc.[/summary]
== Troubleshooting ==
For more information regarding common troubleshooting issues check [[Dell Inspiron 1750 Troubleshooting]]
== Identification and Background ==
The Dell Inspiron 1750 was a mid-range PC laptop that was released on July 16, 2009. It replaced the Inspiron 1720 and brought a cheaper, more practical computer to the general public by decreasing the number of hard drives from two in the 1720, to one in the 1750. While many of the Dell Inspiron models are rather similar in looks, you can verify that your laptop is a 1750 by reading the model number on a service tag located on the underside of the computer.
== Additional Information ==
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