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[summary]Repair guides for home and commercial-grade coffee and espresso makers.[/summary]
== Troubleshooting Coffee Makers ==
=== Saeco Coffee Makers ===
==== Repair the CPU-Board from Saeco Vienna, Magic, Royal and Incanto, all series when the Brew-Unit runs slowly ====
Be sure you have a little bit of heatsink grease (as you use it on the CPU of your Computer)
Take a look at:
There are explosions of every Type of the Saeco Models. So its easy to dissasemble the machines.
Pull out the wire from the wall.
Unscrew the screws, that hold down the Top-Cover of the Machine.
Locate the CPU Board.
Mark any Wire, where it ist plugged on the CPU-Board.
Unmount the CPU-Board from the Machine and unplugg the wires.
Locate the Transistor TIP33C/BD245C at the heatsink and the Zenerdiode beneath the Transistor.
Unsolder both items from the CPU-Board and replace it with the new ones. Don't forget HeatSink Grease between Trasistor and heatsink.
Then plug the wires back to the CPU-Board and mount the Board onto the machine.
Complete the machine and take the Brew-Unit out of the machine.
Clean the brew-unit under hot water.
then put it in back again and start the machine.
It will run again as new.
You don't need a new CPU-Board for this failure.
The trasistor and the Zener-Diode is worth 3-4 Dollars. A new CPU-Board 200 $
This can be dne on the folling machines:
Saeco Vienna
Saeco Vienna Digital
Saeco Stratos
Saeco Royal
Saeco Magic
Saeco Incanto
Saeco Easy
Saeco Sirius
Spidem Divina
Spidem Villa
Spidem Trevi
Solis Master 5000 and 5000 Digital
Solis Palazzo

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