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Revision to Chromo Inc. T2

Ismael DeLuna

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[title|Chromo Inc. T2 Repair]
[summary]Released September 2013 / Black, Blue, White or Pink Casing / 4GB of memory.[/summary]
== Troubleshooting ==
You can track down a number of hardware problems utilizing the [[Chromo Inc T2 Troubleshooting|Chromo Inc T2 Troubleshooting Guide]].
== Identification and Background ==
The T2 tablet, developed by Chromo Inc., was released in September 2013. This lightweight tablet was made to utilize features that are common to the consumer. This includes the ability to play games, stream video content and connect to your personal HDTV. Made with a built in 4GB flash memory and 512MB of RAM allows it to perform these features. It's also light weight allowing easy transportation. Chromo Inc. ships their tablets in four various colors: Blue, Black, White or Pink.
== Additional Information ==
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