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Sarah Westberg

[summary]Repair guides for many brands of Chromebook computer.[/summary]
== Background and Identification ==
A Chromebook is a laptop or a tablet that runs a Chrome OS operating system. They also have limited offline capability and are meant to operate a variety of tasks using the Google Chrome browser. Most of the data and applications are on the cloud and not on the machine itself. Because of this, they are not using traditional applications like word processing or instant messaging but instead Web apps from the Chrome Web Store. Laptop Mag stated, “Unlike Windows 10 and macOS, you can't install third-party software on a Chromebook -- all the apps you get come from the Google Play Store. “ There are some features that can be viewed offline such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Keep, Google Drive, Amazon's Cloud Reader, the New York Times App, and Angry Birds. Android Apps are available on all newer Chromebooks. With the exception of the first three released devices, Chromebook uses Coreboot.
The first Chromebooks to the market were from Acer and Samsung in 2011. They were introduced at the Google I/O conference and started selling a few months later. Two years later Lenovo, Hewlett Packard and Google entered the market. There are also non-laptop versions that have been released, for example the Chromebox was introduced in 2012 and was a desktop. In 2014, an “all-in-one” device called the Chromebase by LG was introduced. And in 2018 Acer and Google both released Chromebook tablets.
There are pros and cons of using a Chromebook. For example, according to Laptop Mag, “With Chrome OS, you don't have to worry about a bunch of Windows junk programs clogging up your storage space. Chrome OS is also speedier than Windows and macOS for this exact reason -- Chrome OS isn't weighed down by dozens of processes running in the background. On the flip side, you simply can't run all your legacy Windows or macOS programs on a Chromebook.”
== Additional Information ==
* Wikipedia: [|Chromebook]
* Amazon: [|Chromebook]
* Laptop Mag: [|What is a Chromebook? Buying guide and advice]

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