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Revision to Brother HL-5240

David Hodson

[summary]Released in November 2005, the Brother HL-5240 Laser Printer is an office-compatible laser printer designed to hold large amounts of paper and print quickly.[/summary]
== '''Troubleshooting/Repair Guides''' ==
To learn how to fix common problems, read the [[Brother HL-5240 Laser Printer Troubleshooting|Brother HL-5240 Troubleshooting Guide]]
== '''Identification and Background''' ==
The Brother HL-2540 Laser Printer is a black-and-white work group printer. Its dimensions are 14.6" x 15.1" x 9.7" and the printer weighs 20.9 pounds. The Brother HL-2540 is designed to print up to 35,000 pages per month. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The printer comes with 16 MB of memory and has a maximum resolution of 1200 DPI (dots per inch).
This printing device came out in November of 2005 as an upgrade from the previous HL-2140 printer that only had 8MB of memory. At around $200, it is one of Brother's most inexpensive office laser printers.
== '''Additional Information''' ==
[|Brothers Solutions Center for Brother HL-5240 Laser Printer].