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Revision to Asus Zenfone 4 Max

Maegan West

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[title|Asus Zenfone 4 Max Camera Replacement]
[summary]Released 2017 July; Identified by model number ASOSX00ID[/summary]
== Steps to replacing phone camera ==
=== Removing the back of phone ===
==== Step one ====
Remove the screws on the base of the phone on either side of the charging port. In order to remove both screws along both sides of the charging port you’ll need a removable head screwdriver with a T4 bit. Both screws are very small, making them difficult to see and adjust, so care is needed in their removal. Make sure the bit is properly inserted and check to make sure when turning it counter-clockwise that it is loosening. After inserting the screwdriver into the screw, begin rotating it counter-clockwise till it becomes loose. (Do not try to force the screwdriver into the screws in their removal for concern about stripping the screws.)
==== Step two ====
Remove the SIM/SSD card slot from the device. Using a small pin, either the back of an earring or a tack, insert the pointed end into the small slot for the cardholder. Using a minor amount of force, push the pin in until the cardholder clicks open. Then remove the pin and the cardholder from the device.
==== Step three ====
Pry open the back case. In this next step you’ll need a blue opening tool to wedge along the seams of the phone. Starting near either of the 4 corners of the device, notice the seam of the case around the front of the device. Begin using the opening tool with a moderate amount of force to wedge between the back case and the phone. After getting the opening tool between the seam successfully, gently move it around the edges towards each corner. You will be able to hear and see the back case on each corner come loose until it can be removed. (Do not use an excessive amount of force when prying open the seams, this can damage the casing of the phone and other vital parts.)
=== Removing the panel ===
==== Step one ====
==== Step two ====
==== Step ====
==== Step seven ====
==== Step eight ====
==== Step nine ====
==== Step ten ====