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Revision to Asus Transformer T100

Alex Pink

The Asus Transformer T100 is the first generation of Asus's lower end tablet devices. What is special about the Transformer is that it combines a laptop and tablet together by having a detachable keyboard. It's a tablet when portability is important and a laptop when efficiency is required. With it's initial price tag starting at $349, the Transformer provides a great deal for those looking for an entry-level tablet but also desire the functionality of a small netbook.
The first generation Transformer tablet's main physical features include a detachable keyboard and the 10.1" IPS mulit-touch screen tablet. A mini USB port, micro USB port, 9mm AUX port, and Micro SD port are located on the right side of the tablet (screen facing the user), as well as volume and start buttons on the left side and a power button and power LED located on top.
== Specifications ==

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