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Revision to Apple Watch SE

Kyle Smith

+== Background and Identification ==
+The Apple Watch SE became available on September 18th, 2020. It features the same design and display as the Apple Watch Series 6. Unlike the Series 6, the SE does not have an always-on display. The SE uses the same processor as the Apple Watch Series 5. The Apple Watch SE starts at $279.
== Specifications ==
== Additional Information ==
-* [|Apple Watch SE|new_window=true]
-* [|Technical Specifications|new_window=true]
-* [|Apple Support: Manuals|new_window=true]
-* Wikipedia: [|Apple Watch SE|new_window=true]
+* [link||Apple Watch SE]
+* [link||Technical Specifications]
+* [link||Apple Support: Manuals]
+* Wikipedia: [link||Apple Watch SE]

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