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Revision to Apple Time Capsule

Walter Galan

[title|Apple Time Capsule]
[summary]Time Capsule is an external storage device providing automatic backup for Macs. It is also a full-featured 802.11n wireless base station.[/summary]
== Upgrades ==
You can cost-effectively upgrade a number of components in the Time Capsule.
* ''Hard Drive:'' 500 GB or 100 TB SATA hard drives came standard with the Time Capsule. You can easily upgrade your Time Capsule hard drive following these simple steps.
* "Power Supply:" You can replace and or repair the power supply or remove the current power supply by adding a stand alone power supply.
== Identification and Background ==
G1 (early 2008)
MB276LL/A 500GB
G2 (early 2009)
MB764LL/A 500GB
G3 (mid 2009)
MB765LL/A or MB765X/A 1TB
MB996LL/A or MB996X/A 2TB

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