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Revision to Apple Cinema Display M8149

Thomas Harper

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[title|Apple Cinema Display M8149]
[summary]This Apple Cinema Display is characterized by the M8149 model number and was first released in July 2000[/summary]
[info | device
|manufacturer = Apple
|introduced_date = 07/19/2000
|discontinued_date = 01/28/2003
== Identification and Background ==
The Apple Cinema Display M8149 is the second cinema display produced by Apple. It was in production from July 19, 2000 until January 28, 2003 when it was discontinued and replaced by the [|Apple Cinema HD Display model M8536].
The model M8149 display has an Apple Display Connector [|Apple Display Connector] (ADC) which both powers and connects video for the display to the computer. Most other models use a standard [|DVI] connector. This is the only display with a 22” screen and the ADC, making it distinguishable from other models.
The display is encased in clear, polycarbonate frame and has a white periphery marked by a series of horizontal lines. The display also has a distinguishable Apple logo on the front and two USB ports located on the back of the unit.
The model number for the display can be located below the hinge and slightly to the left.
== Additional Information ==
* [|Wikipedia: Apple Cinema Display]