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Edit History: Android Phone Repair

abba (Denied by Adam O'Camb)

Peterwisdom Ejima (Denied by Tobias Isakeit)

Austin Blakely

Austin Blakely

Diesel Weber (Denied by Taylor Dixon)

Dale Bakke (Denied by Adam O'Camb)

Jasper Fleischhauer

Kyaw Kyaw (Denied by Tobias Isakeit)


Sam Goldheart

Taylor Dixon

DIOJI VICTOR (Denied by Taylor Dixon)

Rich (Denied by Arthur Shi)

Eri (Denied by Arthur Shi)

Eri (Denied by Jeff Suovanen)

outgllat abderrahim (Denied by Jeff Suovanen)

Willy Gross (Denied by Jeff Suovanen)

flagscommunications (Denied by iRobot)

monicatiller (Denied by Jeff Suovanen)

Jericho Oracoy (Denied by Evan Noronha)

sica2488 (Denied by Geoff Wacker)

jacksparrow24764 (Denied by Evan Noronha)

Rainer Lehtonen (Denied by Jeff Suovanen)

Dolores Lees (Denied by Geoff Wacker)

Tammy (Denied by Evan Noronha)

Brian Mabry (Denied by Reed Danis)

Miroslav Djuric