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Claire Franz

[title|Amazon Speaker Repair]
[summary]Guides and repair information for Amazon speakers.[/summary]
+== Background and Identification ==
+In addition to reselling thousands of speakers, Amazon has also produced a few of their own. There are numerous Amazon speakers on, but a notable speaker is the Amazon Tap, which was released in March of 2016. The Amazon Tap was given a 7/10 iFixit repairability score. On one hand, the battery, control board, I/O board, and speakers all connect to the motherboard with standard cable connectors. Additionally, the majority of the internal speaker components are held in with simple clips or standard screws. On the other hand, there is tough adhesive holding the rubber footing to the base, and removing the cowling requires a lot of force. All in all, repair in the Amazon Tap is straightforward if you know your way in, but it could be daunting without a service manual.
+The Amazon Tap, like many portable Amazon speakers, has built-in Alexa technology. This means the speaker can both play music and be a voice-controlled platform that provides access to Alexa.
+Amazon speakers vary in shape and size. Most are designed to sit on a desk or tabletop, but there are also Amazon speakers designed for wall or shower installation. Many Amazon speakers are black in color. They all have the Amazon or AmazonBasics logo displayed on their exterior.
+== Additional Information ==
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