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Edit History: Alcatel Phone Repair

Brittany Smith (Denied by Arthur Shi)

Michael Prothero (Denied by Jeff Suovanen)

Bohdana Krcmova (Denied by Taylor Dixon)

Taylor Dixon

Tobias Isakeit

Marc Phelps (Denied by Adam O'Camb)

Albert Einstein (Denied by Claes)

Margie Moran Librada (Denied by Nick)

Martina Smith (Denied by Sam Goldheart)

Misty Lawrence (Denied by Jeff Suovanen)

umesh mobile (Denied by Jeff Suovanen)

Paul Vigill (Denied by Jeff Suovanen)

Michael McCracken (Denied by Sam Goldheart)

Dawnie (Denied by Evan Noronha)

Mike Jones (Denied by Evan Noronha)

Miya Berube (Denied by Jeff Suovanen)

Elizabeth Noclain (Denied by Jeff Suovanen)

Shameed (Denied by Jeff Suovanen)

Virginia Simer (Denied by Evan Noronha)

egner43 (Denied by Sam Goldheart)

Reed Danis

Walter Galan