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Garmin Screen Doesn’t Turn On ¶ 

The Garmin’s screen does not appear to be working after the power button is pressed or held down.

Check Charging Cable ¶ 

If your Garmin’s screen does not turn on, plug its charging cable into the micro USB slot, located at the bottom of the device. Once the Garmin's charging cable is attached, press the power button and wait 15 seconds. If the screen still does not turn on, check both ends of the charging cable and make sure they are securely attached and not loose. Make sure the cable is not stripped or damaged.

Connect the Garmin to a Computer ¶ 

Try plugging the Garmin into your computer using the USB cable that came with it and check for any activity. The Garmin should recognize that it is connected to a power source and begin charging the battery. If it turns off as soon as it is unplugged, the batteries may need to be replaced. -LINK- If the device won’t turn on at all after the previous steps, the motherboard may need to be replaced. -LINK-

If the Garmin charges and functions properly after this step, the car charging cable is likely damaged and should be replaced.

Touchscreen Not Responding ¶ 

The touchscreen buttons do not respond properly or don’t work at all.

Bad Screen Calibration ¶ 

If you attempt to press a button on the touchscreen and instead a nearby one is pressed, the screen may need to be recalibrated. Start with the Garmin powered off and disconnected from power. Touch and hold the upper left hand corner of the touchscreen when in the landscape position. Power the device on. Release the power button when the screen turns on but continue to apply pressure to the screen. Release the touchscreen when it changes and "Touch Dot" or "Press Dot" appears. Accurately touch the dots as they appear and change locations. Touch OK when "Calibration Complete" appears.

Bad Display ¶ 

If the screen is not responding to touch at all, then attempt to use a stylus to press buttons. Additionally, if you are wearing gloves, attempt to use the buttons with your fingers without gloves on. If neither of these work, the screen may need to be replaced. -LINK-

No Audio or Distorted Audio ¶ 

There are no sounds or strange sounds coming from your Garmin's speaker.

Bad Speaker ¶ 

Check to see if the volume is turned down or off. If the voice guidance system is not working, check to see if has been disabled in the menu. If it has been turned on and still fails to function properly, you may need to replace your speaker. -LINK-

Garmin Doesn’t Hear Voice Commands ¶ 

Your Garmin doesn’t respond to the wakeup phrase or the default voice commands.

Incorrect Wakeup Phrase ¶ 

The Wakeup Phrase can be set in Apps > Voice Command > Customize Phrase. Make sure that the phrase you are speaking matches the one that was set. If there are any background noises, try to lower their volume. Background noises may prevent the voice recognition from hearing the phrase.

Bad Microphone ¶ 

If the Garmin still does not respond to voice commands, it may have a broken microphone. It can be replaced as shown in our guide here. -LINK-

Garmin Doesn’t Get GPS Signal ¶ 

Your Garmin is not receiving any satellite signal after start up.

Deadzone or Weather Interference ¶ 

You may be located in an area that prevents the Garmin from properly communicating with the satellite navigation. Try to test the signal in a populated area with few clouds or storms overhead. If the device still doesn’t get signal, there may be a bad internal component. Check our replacement guide here for more information and to diagnose which component may be the problem. -LINK-

Garmin Won’t Recognize Devices Through Bluetooth ¶ 

Your Garmin is not picking up Bluetooth signal or isn’t discoverable by your other Bluetooth devices.

Bluetooth Needs to be Cycled ¶ 

If the Garmin is unable to connect to a device, the first step is to open the device settings and find the Bluetooth settings. Once in the Bluetooth settings, turn Bluetooth off and back on. If the Garmin still doesn’t detect or recognize an external device, turn it off and on again. If this all fails, the Bluetooth receiver may be bad. It can be replaced with a motherboard replacement. -LINK-

Garmin Won’t Read an SD card ¶ 

You inserted an SD card into your Garmin but can’t access any of the files on it.

Debris Is Blocking The SD Card Slot ¶ 

Make sure that the SD card is the right size for the device. If you’re sure it’s the correct type and it still doesn’t work, your SD card slot may be dirty. Clean the slot out gently with a q-tip that has been dipped in rubbing alcohol, making sure there are no other obstructions before inserting the SD card.

Bad Motherboard ¶ 

If this all fails, the SD card slot may be broken. As it is attached to the Garmin's motherboard, the only way to replace it is to replace the entire motherboard. We have a helpful guide for this here. -LINK-

Mount and Suction Cup Failures ¶ 

Your Garmin mount won’t stick to surfaces has broken.

Suction Cup Won’t Stick on Windshield or Dashboard ¶ 

Clean the suction cup and the location you’re sticking it to with a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a cloth. Dry the surfaces with a clean, dry cloth. Mount the suction cup on the surface of your car. If the suction cup is damaged, torn, or still won’t stick, then you will need to buy a new mount.

Mount Won’t Hold the Garmin or is Broken ¶ 

If you need to repair the mount and don’t mind losing some flexibility, you can reattach broken parts with super glue. Apply super glue to the broken areas, put the pieces back together, and let sit for an hour. If this isn’t an option or if the mount still won’t hold the Garmin, you’ll need to buy a new mount.

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