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A new Chip Set, was developed, that runs with any Intel CPU, that make's computers boot up run faster. This is known as the CPU controller chip. The way it work's is it loads all the drivers, I/O, into DDR memory. Same type memory your computers uses. This memory is used because of data changes. It does make the computer run faster, because when you turn it on the drivers are already loaded. To maintain the information when you turn off the computer, the computer has a small power supply that supply's the power. Basically your computer never turns off 100%. Let's say you have to unplug and move it, or change the battery on a laptop. It now get's it power from the small clock battery,

Now here is the problem. Since all the information goes through this chip, if an I/O port is attached to a modem and your online, a hacker can load an un-compiled Malware Virus into your computer hard drive. All he need's is your IP address. That's easy to get. Because the virus is not compiled, no anti-virus can find it. What happens next. The virus complies and is loaded into that CPU controller Chip memory. Now all the hacker has to do is get on your computer, with your IP and MAP address's. Now he can do what ever he wants. Because it's loaded into that memory no anti-virus can find it. It can't check that memory.

How can you get rid of it, if you find out it's there ( this can be done today, Ill explain that later ) it's easy, maybe ! First you unplug the computer. Then you remove the clock battery, for about 3 minutes. Now the Virus is gone. Next you reinstall the clock battery and plug in the the computer. Turn it on. Now the computer boots up and goes to the CPU BIOS. Next you reset the time and date, exit out, and the computer reboots. Now the Virus is gone. Or is it?

The Virus is programmed to recompile any number of times the hacker wants. It never goes away.

Can it be fixed? Yes it can. This is what has to be done.

First you have to reformat your hard drive. Problem is you lose you all your DATA files, all your information. Now that information. can be saved, if you transfer it to other external memory. A virus will not attach to a data file, only to EXE files. If you back up your hard disk, and the backup is only data files you have no problem. If you backup the complete hard disk, you just move the virus.

How to fix the problem. Get a second hard drive. or use an external hard drive. Use that second hard drive for Data only. Then use another external hard drive to backup the second hard drive. But only plug it into the computer USB port just to do backup. And don't be on the internet. Just backup the "D" drive, just your data. You can always reload the programs.

Next after you reformatted the " C" drive, with Windows ( I use 7, I don't like 10) reload all your programs. Before you use your computer Get the Latest Version of MalWare Bites. It can't remove the virus, but if you get an email that ask for data from the virus, it will tell you not to open the email. It also shows the IP address where the information is going to go. There is software out there for free, that tell's you the location of the computer, as long as it's in the USA. I been getting this hacker for over 2 1/2 years. I have a computer setup that all it does is record the IP address, time and date. Buy the way, its a felony to hack a computer. I was the guy that found this problem over 2 years ago. The hacker didn't even know it existed. He was hacking another computer with a similar problem. He was watching me look up the data on the Chip from Intel. Then he used it. I even know who the hacker is.

Here is the way that 85% of the hacking can be fixed. Contact your Congressman, and Senator. The Internet has to change how it address. Rather than use Dynamic addressing, change it to Static. Your IP address never changes. The next thing make the IP address shown, so you can see what there address is. No different than the address on the front of you house. It wouldn't take long for this to happen.

There are a group of attorneys setting up the biggest class action law suite in the history of Microsoft and Intel. There were millions of these controller chips used. I even know the person that did it.

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