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Tree's Tech Shack

We are a locally owned computer repair shop based out of Marion In. We offer repair services, virus removal, and laptop screen replacement and much more.

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Tree's Tech Shack is a locally owned and operated full service computer & electronics repair shop servicing, Desktop's, Laptop's, TV's, and Gaming Consoles.

Our highly specialized staff provide a wide range of services including but not limited to:

--Virus removal--

--Data recovery--

--DC jack repair--

--Laptop screen replacement--

--Custom built gaming machines and optimizations--

--Data imaging, transfers--

--Gaming console repairs--

--TV Repairs--

We do everything in house which means you don't have to call a service center, you can just call us directly, and you will get your computer back much faster. Not only that, our repairs and services are industry best. Give us a shot and you will not be disappointed!

We do not have an advertising budget so we always strive to do the best job and in return our business is generated by word of mouth.


If ANYTHING goes wrong with a repair we’ve done, we’ll happily fix it.(Providing it is still under our labor or parts warranty), We stand proudly behind everything we do. Our duty to you doesn’t end when payment is made . We want to make you so happy with our service that you have to tell someone else about us.