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2500 N Mayfair Rd
Milwaukee, WI 53226

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We Fix All Makes and Models

At Cellular Repair Techs, we pride ourselves in having not only the parts to fix issues for all makes/models of phones but also the expert knowledge to do so. No matter if you have the latest iPhone or an old android, we will be able to help.

Professional On-Site Technicians

Don’t trust your phone’s repair to just anyone, at Cellular Repair Techs all phones are repaired by professionally trained on-site technicians. We pride ourselves on not only having the highest quality repairs but also the best customer service in the area.

Broken Glass and LCDs

No matter if your cell phone has a small crack or the entire screen is broken, we can quickly replace your current glass with a brand new one while you stand there.

Battery Replacement and Charging Port

If your battery is beginning to not hold charge or when you plug it into the wall and nothing happens, it might be time to come see us for a battery replacement.

Camera and Home Button Replacement

Having a phone without a camera can be the worst feeling in the world. Our highly trained technicians can get your camera replaced quickly so you’re back taking pictures in no time.

Water Damage

Dropping your phone in water cab be the worst feeling in the world. Just bring it into one of our conveniently located shops so we can get it back up and running in no time.