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Willy Tech Shop

Madison’s independent, locally-owned, full-service Apple technology resource for Sales, Service, On-Site Support, Repair and Training.

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At WILLY Tech Shop what makes us who we are has to do with our location in Madison, Wisconsin. You see, Madisonians are a bit of a unique lot. We tend to be a little off the wall, laid back, and delight in marching to our own drummers. There is a lot of tolerance for divergent views, as well as a lot of creativity. As for Wisconsin's second largest metropolis, Madison is either a small city or a large town, depending on how you want to look at it. The very fabric of our community is built around unique neighborhoods that help bring vitality and a richness to our lives. WILLY Tech Shop is very fortunate to be a part of one of Madison’s favorite neighborhoods, which contributes in a positive way to the very essence of the human experience.

We like to think of ourselves as mavericks in many ways, and that can certainly be said of WILLY Tech Shop. We see ourselves as an oasis, in an age where the trend is all about faceless website transactions where personal interactions are kept at a minimum, and Big Box corporate stores tell you what serves their best interest, not yours. We want to understand what you do and how you do it, so we can best impart our experience and knowledge into helping you make the best decision. We like to get to know you, and have you get to know us.

We also try and do that with a very friendly and humorous attitude. We remind our employees regularly to 1) Not take themselves too seriously in any situation, 2) Don't sweat the small stuff, 3) Care. Care. And keep caring... about all our fellow human beings, 4) Have a sense of humor. 5) Enjoy life. Smell the roses. Make sure you only expend that extra energy on what's really important, life experiences, relationships, and doing what you believe in.

Honesty. We do like to tell it like it is. No corporate policies telling us how or what we can offer our customers. We offer a variety of choices from some of the best brands in the marketplace today. And we offer it all with a smile, hopefully a laugh or two, and just good-old fashioned customer service.