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Shabby Roses, Inc.

Shabby Roses Inc., is an Incorporated eCommerce website that specializes in offering Shabby Chic, French Country and Cottage Romantic Home Decor and Fine Home Furnishings.

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Owning my own business has taken an insatiable amount of dedication and extremely hard work... I started out with nothing, and I do mean nothing... I didn't have money, credit, resources, guidance, or much support of any kind. On top of that, I also didn't even really know the first thing about what it took to start, run or manage a business... All that I had was a dream - and that was it...

There were so many things that I had to learn, and unfortunately most of them had to be learned the hard way. The first two years were filled with what seemed to be an unending series of getting knocked down, over and over again... However, each time I got knocked down - I got back up again... Every. Single. Time.

Because I was bootstrapping my way along - money was excruciatingly tight. In-fact, there were times where I couldn't afford to pay my electricity bill - and they turned off our power. I have gone to bed hungry - so that my kids had enough to eat... No matter how bad things got - or how desperate I was getting to earn a profit, I stopped at nothing to go above and beyond the call of duty to provide my customers the promise of 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

There were times where a customer wasn't satisfied with a product that they had purchased, and because of that, they requested a refund. There were many justifiable reasons for why I wasn't obligated to issue them a refund - Many companies wouldn't have issued them a refund if it was the last thing they ever did - However, I did. I happily refunded them. Even when I knew that refunding them was going to wipe out my bank account, I remained dedicated to my promise of 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

The sacrifice, hard work and dedication that it has taken to get my company where it is at today is something I take an enormous amount of pride in. I hold a ginormous amount of respect for Companies who do the right thing, even when it means that it's not in their best of interests, they still do it because of their good Character, high morale and highly commendable ethics. These are the types of business's that I am over-joyed to pass along to my customers, colleagues, friends and family. They have earned to be recommended, and I couldn't dream of charging them for that through some kind of affiliate marketing arrangement... Plus, I love the fact that I know they can be counted for treating my own cherished Customers with the same type of quality service that we give them here at Shabby Roses.