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iFix the Bean - Repairing Boston Metro

I am an experienced technician with 5+ years of experience working out of shops all around Boston on everything from iPhones to servers etc. I currently operate out of my home in Newton - and look to provide both on-site and mail-in options for my...

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My name is Kyle. I am a highly skilled and experienced technician with over 5 years of verifiable experience in repair of all kinds of devices.

I've fixed *countless* phones, computers and various consumer electronic devices in my time and generally speaking would say: "If I can't fix it, it needs to be replaced."

My philosophy on repair work is that it's better to teach a man to fish; I am 100% open to demonstration, explanation and I look to provide my clients as much information about the required parts and labor as possible before pulling the trigger on a purchase.

I believe that a genuine effort should be made to actually* fix something before the decision to replace it is made. That is the same call every user makes before bringing their busted device in for repair; and for the technician to abandon that mindset on the component level and just look to replace parts before investigating why they aren't just doesn't make sense to me.

If your device is coding, don't just call it. Call me.