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Smart Addiction

We specialize in repairs for iphones, ipods, ipads, androids, and laptops.

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SMART ADDICTION was founded in September of 2012. We created this company with the intent to help synchronize the retail and repair experience for the customer. We all come from an experienced mobile retail sales background, as well as a background in technical repairs. Through out the years we noticed how there was a big gap in the mobile retail sales department, customers would often come to a retail location such as Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon, hoping they would get help with the hardware issue that they where facing. Unfortunately none of these companies could help in terms of repairs. They could only offer the purchase of a new device for full price, or to add an additional line to the customers account. Some customer’s where lucky enough to have insurance added to their accounts, but even then, the deductible was obnoxiously high. We at Smart Addiction strive for the best customer experience. We know how it feels to deal with Corporations, and how stressful it may be. We only use the highest quality in parts. We have the expertise and knowledge to fix any hardware or software issue with your smart device. We do not only deal with iPhones, we are very familiar with the android devices as well. We mainly focus on repairs for smart phones, tablets, and laptops.