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The Gadget Geek, LLC

Wherever we are with our gadgets, gravity is also hanging about. Waiting patiently to pull that gadget out of our hands. We can't change gravity but we can fix that cracked screen or other damages inflicted. Professional repairs at an affordable price!

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I had never thought much about repairs like this until several years ago when I opened my laptop and found a cracked LCD. Immediately I knew how it happened. I recalled seeing it on the floor next to the couch the day before after one of my kids was using it....and they had stepped on it. I refused to go buy another laptop. It wasn't that old. So I started to take it apart to see if I could replace just the LCD. It was a success. A year or so later my wife dropped her new iPhone 4s. Cracks everywhere in the glass. Almost immediately remembering the laptop, I told my wife not to worry. That phone has to be able to come apart somehow. I can figure it out. That was a success as well. She mentioned this to her friends and I suddenly had some requests to fix their phones too! So after doing repairs on the side for a number of years it has evolved into a small side business.