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Green's Gadget Geeks

We are certified in cell-phone, tablet, game-console, and microsoldering repairs. We are a free pickup and delivery service located in Grand Junction, CO. We offer services such as: diagnostics, malfunctioning and broken screens, charge ports, buttons...

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We are experts in all models of phones and tablets including Apple, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Microsoft, Sony etc..

Green's Gadget Geeks is backed by a certification in repairs of cell-phones, tablets, and game consoles as well as microsoldering. 20+ years of self-taught computer software & hardware troubleshooting and diagnosis. A true passion for technology, research, development, productivity and media.

We are Geeks & gamers, self-taught electronic musicians, programmers, troubleshooters, star-gazers, selfie-takers and more... We understand that being without your technology is the worst!

A little introduction of myself: I am, by adoption of alias, Primus. There are some people who call me Michael :) I own, operate, and conduct all business here at Green's Gadget Geeks. I try my hardest to have the best customer service, because I truly care. For that, I try to go above and beyond in order to make my customer's experience with independent repair the best. Hence, I have persisted in trying to learn as much as I can about the devices that I am repairing. I enjoy learning more and more about electronics, and will continue to advance my skills as much as I can.