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Computer Upgrade King

A systems integrator that is growing as an OEM, but also performs upgrades on laptops and PCs for resale.

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We chose the name Computer Upgrade King because we are the "King" in the computer upgrade industry. In order to be the king of computer upgrades, we set the standard for quality assurance, customer service, product selection, pricing, and performance enhancement. Some of the upgrades we provide include processors, RAM, hard drives, optical drives, graphics cards, screen/display, wireless cards, bluetooth, and operating system.

We provide these upgrades to a wide variety of computers such as servers, ultrabooks, desktops, and notebook computers by many major brands. We provide top-tier quality control to ensure your customized computer is shipped to you in brand new, unblemished, and defect-free condition. All systems we upgrade undergo a thorough inspection and testing procedure to ensure that any pre-existing issues such as dead pixels, scratches, or defects are discovered by us and not by you.