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A small repair and maintenance startup servicing computers and technology around the Durban area

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Have you ever wished you could call someone out to look at your technological problem, like you call a plumber or electrician? Someone to come to you, instead of lugging your equipment to a store and waiting in line for ages? I’m offering my services, knowledge and expertise in the following areas*:

  • On-site repair and maintenance - For minor technological issues
  • Home networking - Setting up a home network or extending an existing one?
  • Hardware upgrades - Expanding storage? Upgrading RAM?
  • Software upgrades - Looking to update your operating system?
  • Data Migration - Got a new machine and want to move your data from your old machine?
  • Cleaning - Internal and external device cleaning (clean up of your hard drive, cleaning your old machine to look like new)
  • Home lessons - Looking to learn a little more about how to use your devices optimally?
  • Troubleshooting - Not entirely sure what the problem is?
  • Limited after-hours support - Having problems in the evening and can’t wait ’til tomorrow?

Servicing the following areas: Pinetown, New Germany, Kloof, Hillcrest, Westville

Fee available on request.

  • - Certain services are applicable to Apple products only