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Upgrade Repair

Macintosh Computer Repair and Consulting

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Macintosh Computer Repair and Consulting

Mac Only Support

We Offer 2-Types of Support & Free Estimates

Software Support By Appointment :

-30min $60

-60min $100

-Each additional 30 min $50

Make an appointment now:

Hardware Support Drop-Off:

- Repairs and Upgrades Can Be Dropped Off During Normal Business Hours

History - Established in 2004

Upgrade Repair started in the early 90's as a division of Mac Methods in Walnut Creek, California. Mac Methods offered computer consulting and database design. Mac Mechanics became a separate business in 2004, when we hired our first Apple Certified Desktop Technician. In 2016 we moved to our retail location and change our name to Upgrade Repair. We serve the East Bay, working with local businesses and developing the Mac community.

Meet the Business Owner - Robert G

I have been using Macs since the beginning of the product line. Apple never ceases to amaze me with their creative, simple innovations. We are in the midst of a changing computer culture from PCs to Macs, in homes, schools, and offices. Apple's market share is at an all-time high and this growth is not stopping any time soon.

Upgrade Repair is dedicated to understanding technology and serving the rapidly growing Mac community. I hope we can help to you soon.

Owner, Lead Technician

Robert Goodenough

About the Owner:

First Apple was a Macintosh 512k 1986

Graduated from CSUEB with a B.S. degree in

Entrepreneurship and Corporate Management

Worked at Apple Inc. as a Mac Genius for 3 years

Attained the rank of Eagle Scout