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We rely on our phones for so much of our lives. Yet we find ourselves endlessly replacing them due to damage, constant product release, or social pressure. Regular replacement of mobile devices is a dangerous cycle creating global waste and making us hate the phones we used to love.

Getting our phones repaired can be scary. The device repair industry is mostly made up of small shops lacking in customer service and suffering from cage syndrome. They take our precious devices behind a door where we're assured repairs are being conducted...but how do we know?

Most repair services don't inform us of our options. There are a variety of parts out there ranging in quality and price but most repair services just use the cheapest parts on all of our phones. These parts are guaranteed to break down and require a return visit to the repair shop.

Replacing a phone is expensive and inconvenient. The set up, backups, and software updates can be overwhelming. But the repair industry can be intimidating, what can we do?


Phone Love is here to break the cycle. Our Phone Heroes are equipped with a Master Tech Certificate, a variety of all the parts qualities available, and the tools they need to reunite customers with the phones they love. Say goodbye to cage syndrome; Phone Heroes repair devices in full view of the customer. Whether providing excellent customer service, expert repairs, or customer education we are committed to transparency with every customer.

We are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to giving our customers factory quality repairs. Our store location is designed with the customer in mind, offering transparent services and

making you feel at home in our comfortable living room. To make things really convenient we

offer On The Go Service. Our Phone Heroes are ready and waiting to meet our customers

wherever they are in our service area.

We don’t have to say goodbye to our damaged devices. We don’t have to camp out in line for

every new product release. With Phone Love, we can get that new phone feeling back and

remember why we fell in love in the first place.