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Gadget Surgeon

Friendly part time repairman offering gadget repairs / PC builds & upgrades / VOIP phone system setup and other services in my local area.

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Working around my full time job as an IT Administrator, I have a keen interest in electronics and especially repairs and have been offering repair services in my local area for the last two years under the pseudonym 'DSRepairGuy'.

In January this year (2016), I welcomed into the world my first child, an amazing son named Oliver. After taking a short break from repair work to allow me to get to grips with the rigours of my new life as a father, I am now ready to regather the reins and get back into the world of repairs. I decided to rebrand my offering - so changed my pseudonym to 'Gadget Surgeon' after securing that domain name. I paid a small fee for some clever artist to create me a new cool and contemporary logo and here I am!

I am still building my new website, it isn't quite complete just yet.

I am by no means a 'professional' repairer just yet, but I have a high level of competence when it comes to iPhone and iPad repairs. I learn something new every time I repair a device for somebody and I'm hoping that by joining a community such as this I will have access to all the tools and materials I need to become a professional so that in years to come my own description will read "Repairing devices for over X years, specialist in X, Y, Z devices" - you get the picture.