1998-2002 Honda Accord

2.3L 4cyl or 3.0L V6, 6th Generation

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2001 honda accord has a code p0172

my 2001 honda accord engine light is on. A mechanic suggested a tune up. the car was not shifting gears properly.I thought it was the transmission.i replaced the spark plugs the wires the rotor and distributor cap,and added a can of seafoam.car still does not shift corrrectly.transmission fluid is clean and no burn smell.light is still on so i took it to auto part store and they gave me the codes p0170,and p0172 which means fuel system to rich!ok so know what do i do any suggestions or answers will be greatly appreciated

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2 Answers

shawn, of course you are absolutely right about your code:

P0172 HONDA - Fuel System Too Rich Bank 1

Possible causes

- Faulty front heated oxygen sensor

- Ignition misfiring

- Faulty fuel injectors

- Exhaust gas leaks

- Incorrect fuel pressure

- Faulty Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor

Check your possible causes. I would start with the fuel pressure regulator. There was an issue with moisture in the fuel pressure regulator which habitually used to cause this problem. Recommendations at the time were to replace the fuel pressure regulator, and reroute the fuel pressure regulator vacuum line.There is a technical bulletin about it. Your Honda mechanic should have access to that. If not, I think I can still get it through Alldata, just let me know if you can not get it from your garage. Hope this helps, good luck.

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my name is Juan and i have replaced the o2 sensor and the intake air control valve the map sensor and clean out the throttle body. i still have the p0172 code kicking in with a p0170. i spoke to a friend and states it could be that there’s a leak right at the first o2 or right after that its not reading the properly. i did have a timing belt done and had to take off the down pipe but didn’t replace the gasket. if its the cat i could have problems going a certain speed i was told. but yeah. ill will update this info if anything and let you guys know if it was the gasket or crack exhaust man.

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shawn will be eternally grateful.