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Why my MacBook freezing occasionally

I have a macbook pro core 2 duo with 2.53 Ghz and 4 GB Ram type mid 2009. Operating system is OSX Snow Leopard with the latest update.

Few month ago I replaced the original 256 GB harddisk with the new 512 GB because it freeze quite often and became soo annoying.

But the problem is not finished yet. Same issue happened again after 2 weeks of using it. Just for info, the new hard disk is not "apple" one. It was a 7200 RPM Hitachi which I think is good enough and have compability with apple macbook pro.

I run a test using Techtool Pro 6 and everything looks ok and nothing wrong. But i noticed that if I run something heavy such as resizing big picture, copying huge file (more than 2 GB) into my macbook pro, then it started to freeze. Usually when it freeze, it will last for around 40 secs up to 1 minute and then can continue working or sometime freeze totally and needs hard reset.

Anyone can help me for a solution? Thank you for your kind help in advance

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Do you have any antivirus software running or other add-ons that could be scanning your files as you copy them? You also might have some peer services software running.

You may also want to refresh your OS or try running from an external HD copy (your old HD in a Firewire enclosure).

Also try reseating your memory SIMM's

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I have an antivirus that I Installed after the problem occured, so I guess this is not the cause of problem.

Did you mean by refreshing OS is reinstalling and how do I reseating my memory SIMM's? I've tried to clean reinstall OS but still some problem. I'm afraid this is a hardware problem :(


Yes, refreshing the OS from the original DVD and/or running from a external HD which as a fresh copy of the OS (which you appear to have done). The act of taking out the memory SIMMs and putting them back tends to clean the contact points so if the SIMM contacts are oxidized it will make better contact (you can also try cleaning them carefully with a pink pencil eraser, lightly! and a damp isopropyl alcohol cotton swab). Did you use an ESD mat and wrist strap when changing out the HD? It could be you damaged something with ESD?


I'm afraid that i didn't use an ESD mat when I installed the new HD. But I'm pretty sure that i didn't touch the ESD and did it very carefully. Worse thing is, apple store refused to replace my HD with an "official one" since i was stupid enough to throw away the old one to the trash can. They demanded that I brought old one then they will willing to replace it (company rules) :(

Thanks for your answer, I'll make last attempt to replace the harddisk with another one and might ask a Apple reseller to do it for me. The only problem is I'm in china and if only ifixit can send it to me, otherwise I might be in the same situation again


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