How can some Nexus 7 tablets fix a bezel/glass separation?

On Android Central forums, many folks who got their hands on a retail version of the tablet are describing separation of the glass from the case/bezel on the left side. If they apply pressure, they can hear and feel the tackiness of the adhesive as it doesn't quite "grab" the two sections together. It appears it's occuring on the left side of the tablets and is noticeable as the device is first removed from the package. Some folks have mentioned the problem goes away if they impose a heavy load on the processor, such as watching an HD movie or playing a 3D video game. For some, that seems like a permananent issue, but the problem returns for others. From the iFixit teardown, it appears the processor is also on the left side. Could they have chosen an adhesive that was too "gooey" to counteract the disparate flexing between the glass and the case as the two expand and contract at different rates? Could there be too little or too much glue in this spot if it was the first or last spot pressed together during assembly?

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