Model A1237 or A1304 / 1.6, 1.8, 1.86, or 2.13 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Hdd connector on the logicboard is messed up.What now?

I am really dissappointed by this so any advice would be helpfull.

I bought this MBA from someone who told me the problem would be the harddrive. As i opened it, i saw that the hdd connector on the logicboard is all messed up with bent and broken pins etc.

Is there a walkaround on this situation? Can i connect the drive somewhere else? if not, do you think its possible to replace the connector? is there a place where i can buy one?

Any help will be appritiated.

Thank in advance

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Do you think it is possible to connect a mini hub and an usb flash drive to it and make it bootable?


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The quick answer here is I would return it to the guy who sold it to you and get my money back ASAP.

If the connector on the logic board is damaged you may still have problems even with the cable removed as they could be shorting across (preventing you from booting up from an external source). You'll need to use a magnifier and make sure none are touching each other.

As Machead stated you could use an external case to hold your HD (or if your unit has a SSD) and connect it directly to the external USB port of your MBA. So you could at least use the system (Assuming the HD units connector is OK). What a pain to use in this state!

If you've got the case already and put the HD/SSD inside, can you even see the files on the HD/SSD when connected to another Mac? If you can you should be OK. If the OS is missing but you can access the HD/SSD you could try reinstalling the OS if you got the USB thumb drive with the OS on it that came with the MBA using your other Mac to prep the HD/SSD. If you need to use your the MBA to prep the drive you should be able to use a powered USB hub to connect both through the single USB port the MBA has.

If the HD/SSD is also bad it makes sense to bring it into Apple and get the logic board exchanged out and get a new HD or SSD. I'm sure you'll end up paying more than buying a new MBA doing this when you add in the cost of the MBA you paid the guy.

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Your only work around would be to put the SSD in an external case and boot to it. To find parts use the parts link on the right. If not there, use e-bay.

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thank you.

should i run the ssd via usb?


You'd almost have to unless you could mount the drive on a separate Mac and share it so you could netboot to it. connector(s) to the external case, and if you have additional USB peripherals to run. The problem could be power too many devices can draw more power than that port can provide, in which case you'd need a self-powered USB hub.


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