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Laptop wont boot up. Magsafe light works perfectly

I charged my iphone with my Macbook. The last time I looked it had 91% charge in it. I connected the phone and closed the lid and put it inside the sleeve. After my iPhone charged to 100%, I removed it's cable from the laptop and tried to wake the Macbook from sleep but it didn't respond. I connected the magsafe power adapter, assuming the battery might have died but it still won't power on.

I tried SMC reset, the light went from orange to green and then back to orange,(guessing this is how SMC reset works), but in vain. I have tried this several times, but no use.

PS: I cannot hear any sound when I press the power button. Fans dont seem to run as well.

Can anyone help me diagnose and repair this issue. Thanks in advance.

Battery Charge

Current Charge: 4910 mAh

Maximum Charge: 5632 mAh

Battery Capacity

Current Capacity: 5632 mAh

Design Capacity: 6700 mAh

Mac Model: MacbookAir 3,2

Age of your Mac: 20 months

Battery LoadCycles: 593

Battery Temperature: 30.6 C

Battery Power Usage: 14.7 Watt

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You could have a cracked internal battery. My MacBook Air would often refuse to start, and if it did sometimes the battery wouldn't be recognized, but when it was showed good state and low cycles.

After a few frustrating situations where one day it wouldn't boot, and then suddenly it would I opened it up find the battery had a crack running through it. (I recalled when travelling earlier some @sshat started to shoved his laptop bag on top of my laptop bag in the overhead bin-I yelled at him but apparently damage was done that did not immediately show up)

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Fortunately, the macbook booted up. It's a funny thing, but all I did was beat up the keyboard with my hands as I was frustated that it died on me for no reason. When I pushed the eject key. The laptop showed up apple boot logo out of nowhere.

As you stated, I looked up battery cycles using the coconut battery software.

I couldn't get the results to display properly in the comment. Updating them in the original post.

Everything looks fine to me here. Does anything look unusual to you. Another thing, I noticed I wasn't able to run apple hardware diagnostic test. I pressed option-D during boot and it showed that it wasn't available on my laptop. I don't have the installation usb with me. Is there any other way I can run that.

Thanks a lot for your help. I really appreciate it.


Restart your MacBook Air while holding down the "D" key option key not used.


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I love it! Just give it a kick in the pants, that'll fix it.

It sounds like you have a loose (damaged) connection somewhere in the power circuit. Power problems tend to be hard problem to isolate out when the problem goes away. Extreme temperature changes or minor flexing of the case can help root out the problem.

You could also touchup the solder joints on the power circuit where you can. As Machead stated your battery could be damaged. Again a bad inter-connection between the cells.

If you are still covered by AppleCare I would get it to Apple to checkout. Make sure to tell them the power is flaky.

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We professionals refer to that as percussive maintenance =8^p


I am out of warranty, still, I will get it checked it ASAP.

Thanks a lot for all the help and insight.


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