Revamped version of the iPhone 3G with faster processing speeds. Repair of this device is similar to the 3G, and requires simple screwdrivers and prying tools. Model A1303 / 16 or 32 GB capacity / black or white plastic back.

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After Battery replacement it turn off when I connect the data cable

Hi there.

My 3 GS 32Gb was working ok until I connect to it a chinese home power charger that after 1 min. just pop and "burn" (something inside). At the same time my 3 GS went off. The screen it seams that it was on but all black. After trying to turn it on/off, I get the turning icon/symbol on screen and realize that "now its really off". After a minute or two, i tried to turn it on again and have get the "red/empty battery image" on its screen. That was the last time I have seem something "working" on it, with its original battery.

After I see your (great/thanks) video of how to replace the battery, I asked a friend to borrow me her iphone to test if her battery bring my iphone to live. When I get her battery out it was a older version my is 616-0433 and her's 616-0431. but because it was already out I have tried it any way, and my iphone just turn on ok with it.

But (is always a "but" :P) when I connect the data cable (to do a sync with itunes) to my pc, it just went off. (I test this 2 times, and it went off when I plug it to the pc usb).

I gave back my friend's battery and wait for a ebay 616-0435 replacement one.

And today it came, and I have assembled it, and the experience was just the same with my friends (616-0431), it work if I didn't connect it to the PC (or charger), if I did plug it, It goes off immediately.

So, my original battery is: 616-0433

I tried my friends 616-0431, it works but can't charge it or connect to pc.

I brought a 616-0435 and it also works but can't charge it or connect to pc.

Do you thinks a battery with the same APN number of my original (616-0433) will finally solve it or it maybe same other issue (not the battery)?

Many thanks, hope you can help.

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bugxek, I would look toward replacing the dock connector. If your phone works, until you plug it in, then my first suspicion is, that the dock connector got shortened out by the bad charger. You'll find the guide for this on here. The only other thing you would want to look at is the charging fuse. Make sure that it is not blown, it should not turn off your phone, but iDevices are a bit strange in their behavior. For a picture of the fuse location, check Restarts when plugged into wall, not when in USB Hope this helps, good luck.

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Many thanks I will try to change de dock connector (and check the fuse) an I will give more news about it.

Many thanks

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Hi there again.

I have checked the fuses and the 3 of them give continuity (seem ok). I have also buy a new dock connector but the problem presist.

The phone works ok while on battery but when I connect the data/charger cable it dies (turns off) and to get it on again I have to disconnect the battery from it and connect it again.

PS: When on battery only the phone works 100%, including calls, turnning it on and off and on again.

Some more ideias to bring my 3GS to live again? This way I cant charge the battery (I have tested 3 models of batteries and is the same result with all (616-0433 (original), 616-0433 (replacement), 616-0435, 616-0431 (friends phone)).

Many thanks.

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