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Phone not working at all


After fixing my iphone 4 screen my brother asked me to do his 3gs screen. It didn't turn on or respond to being plugged in to my pc. (It didn't come up on pc either). I changed the screen, all went well but it still wont turn on etc. I've left it on charge for a while but still nothing.

Any simple checks I can try??

Many Thanks in advance

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Sam Short, start off by doing a hard reset " Press the two physical buttons sleep/wake and the home button on the iPhone, holding them for approximately 10-20 seconds.

After holding both buttons for approximately 5 seconds, the slide to power off button appears. Ignore this and continue to hold the buttons for a few more seconds, the screen will then go blank.

Continue to hold until the apple logo appears. This may take longer on older devices (up to 30 seconds).

The iPhone hard reset will now take place." from here.

Just noticed your comment. If your phone has not been recognized, start with your dock connector. Make sure that the pins are not bend, broken or corroded. Check for debris in the connector. Use a known good cable. The dock connector can be changed individually, use this guide to see how to do it. http://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Installing-i...


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Volt Guru Electronics



within the Iphone are VERY SMALL RIBBONS. from my experience. Customers that try and work on the iphone / ipod. 70% cut the hidden ribbons by accident. While opening the case di you slip or press to hard and crack the mainboard?

other solutions:

a) Check the video cable

b) Check for lose connection by re-installing the screen.

c) Plug it into a pc. If the pc / mac recognizes it as a device.

I'm sure i didn't break anything. Problem is, it didn't work before i changed the screen. It was never recognized as a device when plugged in. My Bro said once the screen broke it worked for a while but then he just left it in a draw.

Sam Short,

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