Volume/Sleep Buttons do not work touch 4g

My volume and sleep buttons worked on and off for a month or two, started working again, worked off and on, then finally stopped working completely. I initially thought it was a software bug as I could turn the device back on when powered off (might have taken a few presses of the button) but now the only way to turn it back on is to connect it to power. The home button and touch screen work fine.

I would think there's a loose connection somewhere, but I'm reluctant to go tearing apart my 64 gb touch to find it.

Any ideas?

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have you had a screen repair on it before? Sounds like the flex cable may not be connected to the logic board properly. May have come loose at some point.


-- I have never had any work done to the iPod, nor have I attempted any myself. I would agree with your idea that it could be a loose connection. I have heard of other people with the same problem, so it's possible that that cable just isn't attached very well, or has a tendency to come loose. How risky is taking the iPod apart? I would rather live with the broken buttons than break it.


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The sleep/wake button, on the inside, is a flex cable that runs through the ipod, to the volume up/down buttons, and then soldered to the logic board.

I'm pretty sure you probably have a bad solder joint from the flex cable to the logic board if sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. The usual culprit in this case is if you had the (or you bought the iPod used), is someone probably soldered in the flex cable and left what you call a 'cold' solder joint ...

I would have it serviced, and tell the tech to check the solder joints for any 'cold solder' points where the flex is soldered to the logic board.

Don't want to be too technical, but, if you just want it fixed, send it to a reputable service center and tell them to check the solder points on the flex cable and logic board first.

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